Business Consulting

We have been right where you are and built a growing, profitable business without funding. Let us help you navigate your journey.

We worked for some of the largest corporations behind the line, face to face with customers, and managing behind the scenes. We have worked with teams at all levels of seniority, navigated through front-end challenges, and built a profitable business from the ground up. Share your pain points with us and we can tell you how to fix them.

New Business Strategies

Launching a new business can be overwhelming. But fear not — we have helped entrepreneurs in a multitude of industries navigate this unfamiliar territory and create the company of their dreams. Let us help you lay a sturdy foundation from square one. We can help you select a name that reflects your values and stands out in your industry, put a strong financial strategy in place, build a top-tier team, and create a memorable brand.

Hiring, Engagement, and Retention

An incredible business is nothing without a top-tier team, and building one is our specialty. We can help you design a plan to build a strong company culture which will attract top talent that is engaged with your mission. From designing unique interview questions for every position to providing candid, un-biased, feedback during the hiring process, let us help you build a world-class team. Once you have that team in place, we can help design engagement initiatives and programs to ensure your team is with you for the long haul.

Running a Lean Business Model

Best practices start on the floor and travel all the way up the corporate line. An effective lean business model improves processes across the entire pipeline to eliminate waste, increase profits, and deliver the most value to your customer.

Corporate and Financial Auditing

Do the numbers not add up? We can assist by analyzing financial reports for better cash flow opportunities, monitoring company vehicles via GPS tracking and scheduling discrepancies, cross-checking estimates and invoices with corresponding transactions, and reviewing full operational procedures and recommending areas for improvement.

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