GPS Fleet Monitoring

Pembroke & Co. offers GPS fleet monitoring services, including our most requested services outlined below.

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Our experts can analyze the wealth of data from your fleet management software and accounting systems for patterns of fraud and operational inefficiencies. Are employees taking extended breaks, failing to document jobs or performing services for free? Our GPS fleet monitoring services uncover these behaviors with realistic solutions.

Track Canceled Jobs

Many times, an employee may show up to a job only to find the work has already been completed or canceled by the customer. Our procedures will determine the broken process and develop actionable items to limit job cancellations.

GPS Discrepancies

By cross-referencing vehicle movements with the schedule and invoices, we can uncover important information. Are jobs being scheduled properly or is something more nefarious taking place? In some cases, employees may be using company vehicles and equipment to complete personal projects on the side. In other cases, employees may be taking cash payments for themselves.


Track Estimates & Lost Bids

Tracking estimates is one of the best ways to know where your company stands amongst its peers and is the quickest way to improve profitability. Whether you are winning or losing bids, tracking them and following up is very important. We’ll ensure your estimates are being tracked and measured properly.

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