Individual and Career Consulting

Your personal brand is just as important as the most renowned company's.

If you are pivoting directions to better yourself and your career, we want to help you. We make it our mission to study today’s hiring practices at length, and we can help you shine, no matter which path you choose.

Job Search Strategy

Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned professional looking to make a career change, let us help you determine where to start your job search based on your skill set, credentials, and interests. So many avenues are out there for you just waiting to be explored, and we will hand you the compass.

Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Resume and cover letter writing is a craft, and we are long past the days where we could simply submit a generic resume and expect a call back. The job market is more competitive than ever before, and your resume and cover letter need to stand out among hundreds of potential applicants. We can help you craft a keyword-driven resume for both digital and in-person submissions, write a cover letter that reflects your personality and skill set, and polish your past positions and achievements to show what you can add to a team.

Social Presence Feedback

Yes, your potential employers are checking your personal social media channels. It is up to you to put your best foot forward. We have seen plenty of social media snafus and can help you steer clear of these mistakes. We are more than happy to review your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and personal website so you can show off your best side.


As business professionals who have worked in a variety of industries, we cannot recommend networking enough. Be it at events, at trade shows, or on LinkedIn, you should always have a networking game plan in place to seek out new contacts. We can share our best networking tips so you can talk to any professional with ease and eloquence.

Mock Interviewing

Do you have a job interview coming up? We are happy to schedule one-on-one time either in person or via a video streaming service so you can practice. We are familiar with the questions hiring managers ask and can help you prepare ahead of time so you are fully confident during the interviewing process.

Career Coaching

If you are already working in the field of your dreams, we can help you, too. Be it developing a path toward a promotion, introducing new practices to increase your efficiency, or offering general career advice, we can help you navigate your professional journey.

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