Loss Prevention and Operational Excellence

Pembroke & Co. offers loss prevention and operational excellence auditing services, including our most requested services outlined below.
We utilize the systems you have in place for POS transaction data, video feed, GPS fleet tracking, financial reports, guest and employee reviews, and more. Are you interested in exploring another avenue and do not see it listed? Just ask. Odds are we already monitor for it. We provide a fully custom solution unique to your organization.

Internal Theft Monitoring

We proactively monitor for internal theft, including incorrectly ringing in orders, improper discounting, giving product for free, taking unpaid product home, and fraudulent refunds. Locations are monitored daily to limit the amount of damage being done.

In-House Algorithms

Already have a loss prevention department in place? Utilize our in-house algorithms to build stronger data points to accurately target theft, shrinkage, and loss. We will send you reports of our data sets and your team can review internally.

Operational Excellence

From operational standards to steps of service, we will show you where sales could be walking out the door. We know you are busy and cannot have your eyes in all places at once. From ensuring locations are opening and closing on time, company practices are being followed, and steps of service are being completed effectively, let us take over the analysis portion while you focus on management and innovation.

Analyzing Workflow and Efficiency

If you have a bottleneck in your workflow, we can help you fix it. Let us dig through the data to see what routes can be smoothed out, which problems continue arising, and which steps can be cut down to best utilize your time.

Manager and Employee Training

We can confirm your managers are setting an example reflective of your business values, as well as identify employees who may need additional training. We offer this information discretely and tactfully for you to share with your team, as we want everyone to succeed, just as you do.​

Incident Evidence

We know how important it is to have evidence when a potential crisis occurs. We take great care to identify exact moments of time and zero in where necessary. We will provide CDs or videos for insurance, fraud, or injury claims.

Cash Management and Security Procedures

Money management goes beyond locking your funds in a safe. Poor cash handling procedures cause companies to lose money and leave employees working the floor vulnerable to security issues. We can help protect your team by identifying areas for improvement.

Benefits of Our Loss Prevention and Operational Excellence Services

Clients have seen up to a 12% increase in sales and up to a 3% increase in customer counts after implementing our services. Long term, clients continue seeing 1-3% in returns.

Your employees can rest assured they are working in a morally sound environment where everyone is held accountable. Your best employees will be rewarded for their hard work and you will quickly be able to identify those who need additional training to feel successful, decreasing turnover due to dissatisfaction.

Pembroke & Co. has years of data, analytics, and fluid algorithms that adapt to the environment as it changes. We also have a large network of businesses across the country with different demographics and social settings, allowing us to spot trends before they trickle down to you.

Your customers are the backbone of your business, and their experience is essential. We can help your business make sure that experience is a positive one. We are experts at exploring a problem one layer at a time to thoroughly understand what is causing the trouble and will make sure your customers leave happy and satisfied.

Our methods help you understand where the bottleneck is taking place and where efficiency could be improved. We can help you improve labor costs and productivity by re-positioning your team in ways that play to their strengths while meeting business needs. Efficiency without efficacy does not work, and Pembroke & Co. will make sure each of your business locations run with a combination of both.

The video tells a story and we are happy to open its pages. Using video footage, we can help decrease unemployment rates and fraudulent insurance claims by providing an unbiased perspective into the events that take place at your organization.

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