Recruiting Services

Pembroke & Co. offers recruiting services, including our most requested services outlined below.

An incredible business is nothing without a top-tier team, and building one is our specialty. We can help design a plan to build a strong company culture to attract top talent engaged in your mission. From crafting unique interview questions to providing candid feedback during the hiring process, let us help you build a world-class team.

How we’re different.

Most staffing firms work off a commission model with fees ranging from 10 to 25 percent of a hired employee’s salary. Those rates can become a sizeable investment with a high risk if the new hire does not work out. Our recruiting services utilize an hourly billing model, which works out to be much more cost-effective. This billing model allows you to seek talent for multiple roles without the large fee attached per hired employee.


How it works.

We provide a white-glove, hands-on approach.

Are you interested in exploring another avenue and do not see it listed? Just ask.

Odds are we can build a fully custom solution to your organization.

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