Social Media Analysis

Your social media presence cannot be taken lightly.

Our social media analysis services include feedback on your own platforms. We look beyond what you are posting and take what your consumers are saying into consideration. We know exactly how to read the full story and use your digital footprint to help elevate your brand.

Social Media Platform Feedback

Your digital story begins with the content you wish to share with your ideal consumer. Social media is an excellent way to reach your clientele, and we can help you identify what resonates. Let us dive deep into the weeds to see what your audience is liking, commenting on, and sharing with friends. We will provide our feedback in an easily digestible format so you can take over the fun part — showcasing your brand’s true personality.

Customer Review Monitoring

Your digital footprint is an essential part of your company brand, which means online customer reviews can never be taken lightly. We monitor your reviews across all social platforms, pinpointing business opportunities and mapping back to security footage to verify legitimacy.

Employee Social Media Regulations

Each one of your employees is a spokesperson for your brand, whether they know it or not. What they post on their personal social media channels about where they work matters. We can help you identify what should and should not be shared based on your industry so you can train your new employees accordingly.

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