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start up business consulting

New Business Strategy

We are experts in launching concepts, startups, and franchise businesses. We can help you with every aspect of the new business timeline, from laying the groundwork, to designing your operational strategy, to setting up a top-tier team, to monitoring your online presence.

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Existing Company Analysis

You have already put in the work. Now it’s time to plan your future. By analyzing your full strategy — including loss prevention tactics, financial statements, operational procedures, and consumer behavior — we can help you tighten your workflow to attract even more success.

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Individual Consulting

Your personal brand is a business too, and we can help you elevate it to the next level. Schedule a one-on-one career meeting with us to uncover your strengths, identify areas for improvement, and connect with the right people in your industry.

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We are reassured that someone is actually looking into the issues and will find something. We know who is responding and who is overseeing the work and protecting our business.
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Greg O.
Multi-Unit Owner
Pembroke provided helpful information that brings exposure to what is going on when managers are not present. It helps build accountability to everyone on the team.
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Sally G.
Director of Operations
With Pembroke, we have peace of mind. If something is there, it will be found in a timely manner. They can find a needle in a haystack. Our unemployment costs have also gone down significantly.
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John and George P.
Multi-Brand Owners
Pembroke provided me with so much guidance. They didn't hesitate to be honest with me on what to implement into my life and future career to help me go far. They pushed me to become a hard worker and truly are great individuals and role models.
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John G.
Recent College Graduate
Having my career impacted by COVID-19 was challenging, and I struggled to identify what path I wanted to take. Kelly possesses a tremendous amount of empathy and kindness. She helped me to understand what really matters to me personally and professionally and to identify what type of role would best fulfill my needs, goals, and personality. Her support and guidance were invaluable in providing clarity during unclear times.
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Rachel R.
Strategic Sales Professional
Kelly and Bruno are one-in-a-million consultants with a true passion for what they do. They come from humble backgrounds and tirelessly worked their way up the ladder to become experts in their field, which was a decision-maker for me as a member of the working class. I trust them whole-heartedly and would recommend Pembroke to anyone.
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Sydnie L.
Agency Owner